Latest Snowball® news

Snowball® Beta 2 – March 2, 2008

The development of the Snowball® protocol and client continues. Bugs have been fixed and features added.

Upcoming features in beta 2 include:

  • Public key infrastructure
  • Optimization of receipt protocol
  • Optimization of peer selection algorithm
  • Speed improvements


You must update to the latest version of the Snowball® client! Older versions will no longer work on the test network.

About the Snowball® project

Snowball® is a novel distributed hosting service currently under development. Designed for the specific needs of legal download services, Snowball® provides an open, secure, traceable environment for the distribution of large files – such as movies, games or software – on the Internet.

Snowball® is an open network. Snowball® users may use any compatible software to use the network. The authors of Snowball®-compatible clients are compensated everytime their software is used to download a file. Please hop to the Snowball Networks Developer Center or e-mail us at for more information.

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