Snowball® OpenDelivery™: a novel approach to content-delivery networks

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ optimizes file transfers

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ is the first market-based content-delivery network. OpenDelivery™ customers set the price they want to pay for bandwidth; the OpenDelivery™ network leverages the hosting resources that accept that price. The Snowball® OpenDelivery™ network automatically provides the best speed available at any given cost level.


  • Full control over hosting costs
  • Maximizes speed at any given cost level
  • Peer-to-Peer technology: load balancing across users
  • ISP-friendly
  • Easy integration into existing websites

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ boosts sales and keeps pirates at bay

The upload compensation scheme in the Snowball® OpenDelivery™ is a strong selling point. The more users share the files they have purchased, the more money they make. It's a powerful viral marketing and customer loyalty tool. Moreover, commissions lure the most active file sharers away from pirate networks, reducing their appeal.


  • Secure network: authorized users only
  • Viral marketing tool
  • Customer loyalty tool
  • Dries up pirate networks

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ is an open network

As its name implies, Snowball® OpenDelivery™ is open to all partners and all applications. Trust is guaranteed by the Snowball® Clearinghouse.

Snowball® is open-source software. Source code and detailed protocol information are available on the Snowball Networks developer website.

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