Welcome to Snowball Networks!


  • The first market-based CDN
  • Blazing speeds at lower cost
  • Secure access control
  • Tamper-proof statistics
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Open source, open network
  • Easy integration into existing websites and standalone applications

Introducing the Snowball® OpenDelivery™ content delivery network

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ is a novel content delivery network (CDN) currently under development. It is the first market-based CDN, where hosting supply meets hosting demand. It leverages a variety of hosting sources, including ISPs' servers and/or customers' broadband connections, to optimize speeds at any given cost level.

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ was designed for the specific needs of legal download services. It provides an open, secure, traceable environment for the distribution of large files – such as movies, games or software – on the Internet.

Snowball® OpenDelivery™ reduces your hosting costs, improves download speeds, and strengthens your user community.

Try out Snowball® (beta) today!

A limited demo of Snowball® is available. Testers are welcome. Interested? Then follow the next steps:

  1. Install one of the 2 compatible clients.
  2. Visit the Snowball demo store. The online demo store shows what a hypothetical Snowball-enabled download site might look like.
  3. Click on the item you want to "purchase", then start the download.
  4. Download your file(s) using the Snowball client of your choice. If you are familiar with BitTorrent clients, this should be pretty straightforward.

More information on the demo page.

Join the Snowball development team!

Snowball® is currently under development. Python and C++ developers are welcome. Interested? Then hop to the Snowball Networks Developer Center for further information, or just drop us an e-mail.